The Autumn Flowers documentary is composed by still photography with spoken testimonies and sound image from the life of the protagonists. It includes 3 chapters: Marià, Maite and Pako. 

Main Awards:

POY Latam 2015, Mexico - Third Prize in the multimedia – everyday life category

"Photography & Society" Grant, Spain 2014 Unzip Arts Visuals & Jardins de la Pau

19th FotoPres "La Caixa", Spain 2013 - Finalist in the Second Call 

Hanna Jarzabek: Author, Direction, Photography & Multimedia Edition
Savvas Salpistís: Sound & Music

The full version - a 23 min. - not released online yet . Please contact me for more information.
phone: +34 626 453 508

Produced with the support of:

The Autumn Flowers Documentary

Hanna Jarzabek - Photography & Documentary Storytelling

Documentary photographer and Multimedia Storyteller specialized in projects addressing discrimination and societal dysfunctions, with accent on Europe.
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