"I was more man than many of the men on the street today. A real macho who knew how to impose himself, with body worthy of bodybuilder and tattooed arms. I was never attracted to boys. I always liked only women. "

Zenia isa former excavator driver, who began her transition when she was 37 years old. She defends the freedom to define her gender according to her own criteria. Her example serves to break stereotypes about the ideal of feminine beauty, which supposedly seek all transgender women. The history of Zenia also allows us to clarify the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation, making visible a little known reality. Many transgender women consider themselves as lesbians and want to maintain relationships with other women after their transition.

"Every moment of my life was accompanied by the idea of not being in my role. It's as if someone had put you in front of a movie: you know you're inside, but it's like watching a movie. You are following a script that is not yours. I used to talk to people and when they were referring to me in masculine, a voice inside me used to say: This is real me! Do not you see? I'm in here, get me out of here! "

Tina works as a civic agent. She has been cycling for 15 years in the same male group. She was married for 13 years. She began her transition when she was 42 years old. She suffered no rejection of the environment however her closest family did not want to appear on the pictures.

"It's like champagne. When you take out the cork everything explodes with force and you cannot stop it. I spent my whole life living with the belief that I was a weirdo. But when I understood who I was, I could not turn back any more.”

Carol is a former executive director of a textile company. She used to compete in rallies including Monte Carlo one. She was married for 40 years and is a father of 2 sons. She began her transition when she was 68 years old due to which she lost her family and had to divorce. She considers herself as a lesbian transsexual woman.